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Welcome to Empowering Energies, a starting point for marginalised communites looking for sustainable energies.  
Family with solar heater by Abri Le Roux

So what's it all about?

1. The website// Our mission is to present impartial information on micro-energy generation technologies & projects for marginalized communities. We provide free, accessible information that is devoid of commercial interest.

wind turbines by Warrenski

2. Wind power// This is the conversion of wind into a useful sort of energy. Wind power can be used to generate electricity or for simple works such as pumping water... +more

water drop by Suttonhoo

3. Hydro power// This is derived from the power of moving water. Hydropower can be used to generate electricity... +more

4. Biofuel// These are fuels that are derived from natural materials such as wood or manure for the generation of heat for cooking... +more

woodfire by The Futuristics

5. Solar power// Solar power is the transmission of energy from the sun's rays into electricity or heat energy. To transfer solar power into electricity requires photovoltaic cells... +more

solar panels byBernd Sieker

About// This website was conjured up and designed by four final year undergraduate Geography students studying ICT4D at Royal Holloway, University of London.

It is intended to be used by developing communities in Africa, Asia and South America as a source of information on sustainable energies thus allowing those communities to make informed decisions.

Team Leader// Oria Jamar: o.jamar-de-bolsee@rhul.ac.uk

Content Manager// Alastair Sawdy: a.sawdy@rhul.ac.uk

Head of Design// Ben Parfitt: b.parfitt@rhul.ac.uk

Researcher // Olly Parsons: o.parsons@rhul.ac.uk

Disclaimer// We have tried our best to be impartial and steered away from siding with commercial interest. We do not, however, make any guarantees about the websites we have provided links to. Please also note that images are sourced from the creative commons and credited where possible.

Quick Links within this website// Home - Wind - Hydro - Biofuel - Solar - More..

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