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Members of the Collective, together with colleagues from across the world, have produced a book on ICT4D that has been published by Cambridge University Press in February 2009. This provides an overview of the field as well as examples of good practice and lessons learnt from ICT4D initiatives in Asia, Africa and Latin America. A prominent feature of the book is that it includes numerous short case studies, written by leading experts in their fields, on specific aspects of ICT4D. Highlighted links below provide connections to authors' sites and relevant work.

Much of the text was written in 2007, and Tim Unwin's blog provides an update on new material that he would have liked to have included if it was written today!


1. Introduction - Tim Unwin

2. Development Agendas and the Place of ICTs - Tim Unwin (ICT4D Collective)

3. Information and Communication in Development Practices - Tim Unwin

4. The Technologies: Identifying Appropriate Solutions for ‘Development’ Needs - Tim Unwin

5. The Practical Implementation of ICT4D Initiatives - Tim Unwin

6. ICTs, Enterprise and Development - Michael Best and Charles Kenny

7. ICT in Education: Catalyst for Development - Michelle Selinger

8. e-Health: Information and Communication Technologies for Health - S. Yunkap Kwankam, Ariel Pablos-Mendez and Misha Kay (WHO Knowledge Management and Health)

9. e-Government and e-Governance - Jim Guida and Martin Crow

10. ICT for Rural Development - Bob Day and Peter Greenwood

11. Conclusion - Tim Unwin

Case Studies
• ‘Across the wires th’ electric message came, “He is no better; he is much the same”.’ Richard Manning
• The Greenstone Digital Library Software - Ian H. Witten and David Bainbridge
• The Internet of Things - Marco Zennaro
• Radio for Education - David Hollow
• The World Summit on the Information Society: a reflection - Mohamed Abida
• Telecentre 2.0. What’s next? Almost anything - Mark Surman
• Lifelines India - Melissa Gabriel and Adrian Godfrey
• ICT and Education Strategies in the Pacific - Michael Trucano
• Telecoms in Post-Conflict Afghanistan and Liberia - Michael Best and Charles Kenny
• Chilean ICT Policies and Micro-entrepreneurs - Dorothea Kleine
• ICT and Education in Rwanda - Ros Sutherland
• Developing an ICT-supported system for school-based professional development of rural teachers: the EU (European Union)-China Gansu Basic Education Project (EU-China GBEP) - Bernadette Robinson
• Local e-Government Services – Takalar Indonesia - James Guida and Martin Crow
• The Hole in the Wall, or Minimally invasive Education - Sugata Mitra
• Empowering youth in Jenin - Jonatan Stanczak, Ziad El-Khatib and Mohammad Moawia

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Up to two draft chapters at any one time are being made available through links on this site. Please take the opportunity to provide suggestions, comments or other feedback about them to the Editor at tim(at)ict4d(dot)org(dot)uk.

Currently available chapters are:

1. Context

3. The Technologies: identifying appropriate solutions for 'development' needs

Please note that these files are non-printable. The final work has been published by Cambridge University Press to whom all order enquiries should be directed.

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