Amoebaisis is a parasitic, water bourne disease that kills 70,000 people worldwide every year (World Health Organisation).

The disease does not attack any one group of people in particular. Everybody who comes into contact with water contaminated by faeces is at risk – particularly those who have digested the water or used faeces for fertiliser.

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Symptoms include:

stomach pains
pus and white blood cells in faeces
abscesses on the skin (see picture)


• in extreme cases - liver abscesses if the infection goes to bloodstream


**It can take many months for a person to become ill**

Outlook is good for people of they have access to the right treatment.

A course of ‘metronidazole’ is recommended if available.

Also, it is important to remember to drink lots of clean water, to avoid dehydration

In order to avoid amoebaisis, the key is clean water

• Keep hygiene levels high
Boil water before use to kill bacteria
Wash hands after changing baby

Prevention and Treatment

Amoebiasis throughout the world

Report on consultation of Ameobiasis