We are 5 students at Royal Holloway University of London currently completing an undergraduate degree in Geography.

We are part of the ICT4D collective. If you have any questions, you can contact us…

Hi! I'm Amy.
My name's Claire!
Hello! I'm called Brighde.
"I am interested in how ICTs are used in helping bridge gender divides in education. In my spare time, I like to kayak"

"I am interested in how ICTs can be used in gender empowerment. I play netball and like to volunteer in my spare time"

"My interest is in how mutli-stakeholder-partnerships can help ICT4D. I enjoy socialising in my spare time."
Hello, I'm Tilly!

Hey there! Call me Tom.

"My interest in ICT lies in open source software. Outside of University, I enjoy travelling."
"I am particularly interested in how ICTs can help water management. To relax, I love to play tennis"