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Recent publications

Sein, M.K., Ahmad, I. and Harindranath, G. (2008) Sustaining ICT for Development projects: the case of Grameenphone CIC, Telektronikk, 2.2008, 16-24

Scur, F. (2008) ICT4D Stakeholder Co-ordination and Co-operation: evidence from a Tanzanian-German Co-operation, Saarbrücken: VDM Verlag Dr. Muller Aktiengesellschaft

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Goodman, C., Brieger, W., Unwin, A., Mills, A., Meek, S. and Greer, G. (2007) Medicine sellers and malaria treatment in Sub-Saharan Africa: what do they do and how can their practice be improved?, American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 77(6-Suppl), 203-18.

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Unwin, T., Tan, M. and Pauso, K. (2007) The potential of e-learning to address the needs of out-of-school youth in the Philippines, Children’s Geographies, 5(4), 443-462 (see also UNESCO awards for ICT in Education Innovation)

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David Hollow's report The Lifeline Radio in Zambia: Findings and Recommendations, based on his research with the Freeplay Foundation in 2006, is now available.

Unwin, T (2005) Partnerships in development practice: evidence from multi-stakeholder ICT4D partnership practice in Africa, Paris: UNESCO (UNESCO Publications for the World Summit on the Information Society)

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Meng, X.M., Derbyshire, E, Thompson, D. and Page, N., (2000) Slope instability modelling using GIS in the thick loess terrain of North China, Nature Hazards Special Publication (No. L00.105), 104-107.


Publications by affililated colleagues

Simone Sala (2010) The role of information and communication technologies for community-based adaptations to climate change, Rome: FAO.

Joseph Salukvadze (1999) Land Reform and Land management in Post-Soviet Georgia, Anthropology of East Europe Review, 17(2),


Recent conference presentations

Tim Unwin, Shaping effective higher education ICT4D partnerships: challenges and opportunities, UK UNESCO Chairs Colloquium on Higher Education and International Development, Nottingham, 17-18 January 2008.

Myles Wickstead and Tim Unwin (Tim Unwin) Partnerships for development: problematising the notion of 'partnership', Becoming an Information Society Conference WIlton Park, 17-20 October 2005.

Tim Unwin (2005) Keynote address: ICT for Teacher Training: the Role of Partnerships, EU-China Gansu Basic Education Project International Conference, Lanzhou, 22-24 August 2005

Tim Unwin (2005) e-Governance and Development, Governance in the Commonwealth: new issues and actors workshop held at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies from 13th-14th March 2005

Tim Unwin (2005) Learning beyond the classroom: the challenge of the new pedagogy, South-East Asia Policy Forum organized by the British Council in Bangkok, 28th-30th March 2005

Tim Unwin (2005) Managing ICT for Development: partnerships in education, University of London, Centre for Distance Education, 27th-28th June 2005

Tim Unwin (2004) Partnerships in ICT for Education Activities in Africa, International LEARNTEC Forum, Baden-Baden, 9th February 2004 (Download PDF file 868 KB)

Tim Unwin (2003) The use of ICT for Special Educational Needs, WSIS ICT4D Forum: 5.2 Local content: language, literacy and new technologies, 12th December 2003, Geneva


Conference presentations by affiliated colleagues

Joseph Salukvadze (2001) Land Reform and Cadastral Projects in Georgia, DSE, Bonn, 91-23 March


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