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ICT4D Short Courses

The ICT4D Collective delivers two main types of short course, designed to provide participants with leading edge training in all aspects of the use of information and communication technologies for development. The Collective's niche advantages in delivering such courses include:

  • International network that provides access to global leaders in the field of ICT4D
  • Managed and led by one of the UK's highest quality research-led universities
  • Combines academic rigour with real practical experience of delivering ICT4D activities
  • Builds on existing well established undergraduate courses and postgraduate research in the field of ICT4D

For more information on short courses contact shortcourses@ict4d.org.uk or for seminars seminars@ict4d.org.uk

Two-week short courses for practitioners on ICT4D

Course content

This intensive course provides a conceptual and practical overview of ICT4D, concentrating in particular on the following themes:

  • ICT4D concepts and practices
  • Theoretical frameworks for interpreting ICT4D
  • The technologies: an overview
  • e-learning and ICTs in education
  • e-health in the developing world
  • ICTs and economic growth
  • e-governance
  • ICTs and rural development

Mode of delivery

The course is delivered in a variety of ways to ensure a diversity of experience for participants:

  • Lectures by world authorities on specific aspects of ICT4D
  • An indiviudal course project report on a subject specifically of interest to each participant
  • Focused reading, using the Collective's collection of reference materials
  • Field visits to organisations and companies working in the field of ICT4D
  • Peer learning through which participants share their ICT4D experiences

Who should attend?

The course is designed for all those working in the field of ICT4D who need to gain additional understanding and expertise. It is especially suitable for people who have been working in ICT4D for 5-10 years, who wish to reflect on their practices, and want to gain a deeper and broader understanding of the issues involved. It is specifically intended for people in the private sector, civil society organisations and government departments. Each course caters for between 35 and 50 participants.

When do the courses take place?

The timing of courses reflects demand, but they are usually held in April or July. All those interested should in the first instance contact shortcourses@ict4d.org.uk for more information.

Tailor-made two-day seminars on specialist aspects of ICT4D

The Collective also arranges intensive two-day seminars on all aspects of ICT4D. These are designed in close collaboration with clients so as to ensure that their specialist interests are addressed. Courses draw on the international expertise of members of the Collective and its partners, and are designed for senior managers, government officials, donors, aid workers and others who require opportunties for detailed and intensive training in aspects of ICT4D.

Typical topics for these seminars include:

  • The future for Open Source software and Open Content
  • Effective e-Governance
  • Innovations in e-Learning
  • Knowledge Management

These courses can be arranged at short notice to serve clients' demands. For further information contact seminars@ict4d.org.uk