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Working Papers and Seminars

The ICT4D Collective is committed to making available the results of our research as widely as possible. This part of our web-site provides ready access to research in progress, unpublished papers, drafts of research reports written by members of the Collective, and seminars hosted by the Collective on all aspects of ICT4D. Requests for citation of any material distributed in this way must be made directly to the individual authors, and citation of the digital versions should be given as, for example, http://www.gg.rhul.ac.uk.ict4d/ict4d/workingpapers/mitra1.pdf

Courses (free content)
Digital Environments

Seminars presented in the ICT4D Collective

Seminar by Héctor Arrechedera Zamorano (Project Director, Coordinador de Informática Médica, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad Central de Venezuela) on 2nd March 2011, entitled “SOS Telemedicina: bulding telehealth infrastructure for distributed communities in Venezuela” - more details of his work are available at http://telemed.wikispaces.com/About+SOS (.pdf of the presentation; .mov video)

Seminar by Dr. Alvin Yeo's (Universiti Malaysia Sarawak - UNIMAS) on 17th February 2011, entitled “Providing equal ICT access to remote communities in Malaysian Borneo" (Video .mov file)

Seminar by Teresa Graziano (University of Catania, Italy) on 23rd June 2010, entitled ICTs, migration and development in the Maghreb (.mov file)

Seminar by Roberta Bernardi (School of Management, Royal Holloway, University of London) on 21st May 2010, entitled The impact of aid policy on HIV/AIDS monitoring and evaluation systems in Africa (.mov video)

Seminar by Melissa Ho (TIER Group, Berkeley) on 7th April 2010, entitled Communication, computing and healthcare financing in Southwest Uganda (.mov video)

Seminar by Alan Jackson (Aptivate) on 5th March 2010, entitled Participation, interaction, capacitation: the foundations of ICTs in development (.mp3 audio file)

Seminar by David Grimshaw (Senior Research Fellow, Emerging Technologies, Department for International Development; and PracticalAction) in collaboration with CEDAR on 3rd March 2010, entitled Sharing local content in local voices (.mp3 audio file)

Janet Longmore's and Terrie Lynn Thompson's (Digital Opportunity Trust) seminar on 27th January 2010, entitled The role of NGOs in ICT4D research: a case study of the Digital Opportunity Trust) (.mp3 audio file)

Uduak Okon's (Royal Holloway, University of London) seminar for the Collective, given on 18th January 2009, and entitled ICTs and Sustainable Communities in Nigeria: Building on Indigenous Knowledge Systems (.mp3 audio file; .pdf file)

Nigel Jefferies' (Head of Academic Relationships, Vodafone; Chair of the World Wireless Research Forum) seminar on 7th December 2009, entitled HCI and sustainability: a new relationship (.wma audio file)

Brasilina Passarelli's seminar for the Collective, given on 4th November 2009 and entitled Networking actors: School of the Future Research Lab Digital Inclusion Projects and Experience (Part 1 and Part 2, audio .wma files)

Dorothea Kleine's seminar for the Collective, jointly with CEDAR, given on 2nd November 2009 and entitled The economists have only measured the world... (audio .wma file)

Pat Hall's seminar at the Collective given on 6 October 2009 on Barriers to Localisation: a Case Study of Nepal (presentation, audio .wma file)

Jo Tacchi's seminar at the Collective given on 1 September 2009 on Assessing Communication for Social Change (audio .wma file)

Seminar on OLPC implementation in Ethiopia at the Collective by Tom Postmes and Nina Hansen from the University of Gröningen on 11th May 2009


ICT4D Collective Ongoing Research and Unpublished Papers

Working papers are listed in chronological order of upload, with the most recent ones at the top of the list:


Workshops convened by the Collective

IPID's ICT4D Symposium, 11th-12th September 2009

The ICT4D Collective hosted the 4th IPID Seminar on ICT4D. Videos of all presentations are now available through the IPID site.

Storytelling @ e-Learning Africa, Dakar, 27th May 2009.


ICT4D Partnership for African Higher Education Institutions Working Papers

The ICT4D Partnership for African Higher Education Institutions, funded by the UK Department for International Development's Development Partnerships for Higher Education (DelPHE) scheme through the British Council has produced a series of working papers which are available here:

The authors of these papers would all appreciate feedback and comments on these papers


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