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The Centre has been constructed in a simple, but distinctively African style. Buildings are of fired brick (produced on site) with grass and palm frond thatch for roofing. The whole centre has been designed to blend with the landscape of mixed acacia forest and grassed clearings, low hills and valleys, giving open vistas of the river Moruny and the towering wall of the Rift Valley escarpment a few kilometres away. Only 10 acres of the 30 acre site has been used for building; the remainder is left under virgin forest.


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Cottages (bandas):
19 African style huts (bandas), sleeping 2 - 3 people, 5m x 5m approximately. Four larger cottages sleep up to 6.

The following are provided in each cottage: locally made wooden beds with 2.5" foam mattresses, 2 pillows, linen -sheets, blankets, and mosquito nets. A bedside table, with water jug, bowl, glasses, and toilet paper. There are also 2 chairs and a bedside mat. Windows are small with mosquito netting and wire mesh. Each room can be closed with a bolt from both the inside and the outside. Lighting is by hurricane lamp.

NB mosquito repellant spray not provided

The centre has a number of different sized dormitories which can house between 5 and 25 people.

Washing and toilet facilities:
The ablution block is situated about 150 yards from the cottages. Cold showers only, but hot showers by arrangement of a bucket bath.
The latrines

All water is pumped from a well at the Centre; it is of a high quality and safe to drink.

A personal laundry service is provided as requested.

Dining Room:
The dining room is large and airy, and built in the same style as the huts. Meals are held in the dining room or outside on the patio. Alternatively, clients may have their meals on the riverbank, outside their cottages. Meals are in buffet style, with tables draped in colourful, traditional cloth. Food is a choice of ethnic African food, or European style food, with a good selection of fresh meat and vegetarian meals.

Meal examples:
Breakfast: fruit or millet porridge, eggs, home-made bread with margarine, local honey or jam, tea or coffee and UHT milk.
Lunch: Cold meat and salad, or a packed lunch on safari.
Dinner: A hot main course, fruit or pudding.

Morning coffee and afternoon tea are provided, as requested.

Bar service:
Beers and cold drinks are available, but clients should bring their own spirits.

Arrangements are very informal and clients may use the library and seminar rooms, the patio or sit near the river bank.

The campsite is approximately 1.5 acres, on the edge of the 10 acre site.
There is space for 4 overland trucks.
The site is well maintained, clean and free from rubbish.

Campsite Facilities provided:
- firewood, 6 toilet/shower units (cold showers only)
- rubbish collection point
- water is available for refuelling, but there is no petrol or kerosene. Fresh produce is available from local shops 10 minutes walk away.
Baboons and vervet monkeys, while common on the compound, are not a nuisance, and have not been known to steal from campers.
All facilities at the Centre, such as using the restaurant, are available to people staying at the campsite.

Tented Camps:
Some tour operators may wish to bring their own exclusive tented camp and staff. The Centre would consider this arrangement, and any interested parties should discuss this with Paul Roden.

If anything else is required, please ask, and the Centre will endeavour to comply with your wishes.

Prices as at January 1st 2010:


2 bed cottage:single occupance

KSH 900 per night

2 bed cottage:double occupance

KSH 1240 per night

3 bed cottage

KSH 1850 per night

4 bed cottage

KSH 2500 per night

5 bed cottage

KSH 3000 per night

Dormitory bed

KSH 420 per person per night

Self-contained cottage:single occupance

KSH 1450 per night

Self-contained cottage:double occupance

KSH 1950 per night

Self-contained cottage:triple occupance

KSH 2900 per night

Self-contained cottage:quadruple occupance

KSH 3900 per night


KSH 360 per person per night

Lamp hire

KSH 50 per lamp per night

Stove hire + charcoal

KSH 100 per day

Wheelbarrow of firewood

KSH 120

Laundry list available on request

Day Visit: Adult

KSH 120 per person per day

Day Visit: Child

KSH 70 per person per day

Meals and snacks

Light breakfast

KSH 260

Full breakfast

KSH 380

Light & vegetarian lunch

KSH 360

Full lunch

KSH 420

Vegetarian dinner

KSH 360

Meat/chicken dinner

KSH 420

Packed lunches available

Budget menu available on request

Children under 10 years old half the full price


Full day (up to 10 hours)

KSH 750 per guide

Half day (up to 5 hours)

KSH 550 per guide

Prices quoted are per guide for groups of up to five

Exchange rate roughly KSH120 to £1 (UK sterling), KSH80 = US$ 1