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The area provides superb terrain for all levels of ability, from gentle walks to steep climbs, with wet and dry hills. The Centre uses local Pokot guides for all of its walks and treks outside Reserves.

Examples of excursions from the Centre:

Walks near the compound:
Pokot guides lead walks to nearby villages, giving an insight into local culture.

Mount Sekerr: This can be climbed comfortably in a three day round trip, passing through cultivated areas of the Pokot, forest and open moorland, with extensive views of eastern Uganda and north-west Kenya on a clear day.

Cherangani Hills:
Half day hikes to a trek of a week or more can be spent in the Cheranganis which provide some of the finest hillwalking country in Kenya. A hard climb up the dome of Koh, the Weiwei Valley, the Lelan forest and the main peaks of the High Cherangani provide a variety of challenges and terrain, as well as passing through Pokot trading centres.

Bush waIks: In National Reserves, such as South Turkana, all walking safaris are arranged in conjunction with the Game Department, with walks being accompanied by armed game rangers.