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Moruny river walk: Walk up the Moruny river from the Marich Pass Centre. See local Pokot panning for gold, before following the old track along the eastern wall of the Pass, returning along the main road. There is now a recently established small-scale irrigation project using traditional gravity techniques adjacent to the old track.
  River walk

Walks and Game Drives: Early morning and late afternoon walks or drives within the vicinity of the Centre, viewing birds and game and searching for elephant.

Weiwei Valley:
Driving, or a combination of driving and walking, up the Weiwei valley, which penetrates deep into the heart of the Cherangani Hills, 7 km from the Marich Pass: a lush, green world, with towering ridges on either side, and an ice-cold river. Swimming and picnic lunch. For a full day excursion, this is extended to include a 2 hour return climb to caves at the head of the valley and/or a visit to a Pokot homestead accompanied by one of the guides.
A Pokot homestead

Lomut market
: Drive for about 1 hour along the base of the Cherangani escarpment to Lomut Market, held on Saturday. A tribal market, where hill Pokot cultivators and lowland Pokot pastoralists come to buy and sell produce. The pastoralists in particular are highly decorated using traditional techniques. Return via the Weiwei valley, or continue for about 40 minutes to Chesongoch.

Mount Koh: A full day's excursion. Travel by road to Para'a school in the Weiwei valley and hire a guide to take the shortest route through the cultivated plots on the lower slopes, followed by a climb up the impressive rock dome of Mount Koh.

Sondhang: Travel by road to Parua, half way up the flank of Sondhang, which towers above the village of Ortum, 17 kms along the main road from the Centre. Walk up the track towards the summit, bathing in a tumbling mountain stream on the way. Return by the same route.

Turkwell Gorge and Nasalot National Game Reserve:
A visit to the Turkwell Gorge, its dam and man-made lake, 30 kms from the centre.

A fine road hairpins up the scarp face offering superb views.

Visit the Nasalot National Game Reserve on the return journey
The Turkwell dam

Sigor Agricultural Project: Tour the thriving irrigated agricultural project at Sigor, 10 kms from Marich, where water from the Weiwei valley flows by gravity through a network of overhead sprinklers. Return via another project, a few kilometres down the same river, which has recently been abandoned and is rapidly being reclaimed by the forest.

Sokar: Cross a suspension footbridge and then climb up to caves at Sokar, three hours from the main Marich-Ortum road. Sokar is an isolated plateau, densely settled and farmed, and the caves have a religious significance in local culture.

Kadongdong: Settlement on the plains about 1 hour’s drive from the MPFC. This provides a chance to visit homesteads of pastoral Pokot and see flood cultivation on the Wei-Wei flood plain. You may also see crocodiles in a river cut-off.

Community projects: There are a number of community organisations working in the local area.  Visitors to MPFC may be able to participate in some of these.