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In April 1998 fifteen geography students and two lecturers from Keele University made the Marich Pass Field Studies Centre the base of a very successful first-time field trip. They had return visits in 2000, 2001, and 2002.

Keele University geography students and staff at the equator on their way to Marich


Staff and students discuss education in Kenya in the shade of an empty classroom at Marich Primary School

Here are some 'quotes' from the visitors book at the Marich Pass Field Studies Centre

Farmor's School
'Wow! This is such an amazing place...The views (especially from the top of Mt Koh) are breathtaking and leave you speechless. All the staff and guides at Marich Pass are brilliant'.
'...the place is so peaceful and calm...the food's great...the loos are 'rustic' but fine when you get used to them...bush walks are exhausting in the heat but the river is lovely and cool - be prepared to make conversation with small naked children...I could stay here for ever if I had enough batteries for my torch!'

Norwich City College/Easton College
'superb location, superb views, and most importantly superb food...even cold Tusker!'
'First time to Africa, great place to stay, food outstanding, staff helpful - had a superb time. Thanks'

St John Rigby 6th Form College
'Its my third year coming to the site and it seems to get more special each visit. Thanks for providing a site that gives such an amzing experience'
'Thank you very much for our stay at your camp. The food was great and the staff were very helpful'

Sussex University
'Excellent location for a wide variety of study topics, ideal setting and very helpful interpreters with wonderful English'
'It has been a fantastic experience being here, absolutely unforgettable. This has been fantastic for my human geography skills...the guides and staff at the centre were very good.'

Royal Holloway, University of London
'A lovely stay, very welcoming andd good food. Very nice dinners. Friendly interpreters'
'Thank-you for a fantastic week! The food was fabulous...the facilities at the centre are excellent, very well kept and beautiful surroundings...the interpreters were very friendly and helpful. Thanks again for a wonderful week.'

Keele University
'The friendliness and willingness of the local area has been amazing and I feel I have gained so much from my stay and will be able to apply it to my degree'
'I think the site is a brilliant way of bridging communication relations between us and another culture. It has been an excellent opportunity for us to experience and learn about the local people. The field centre itself has been brilliant, the food and staff and the accommodation.'

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