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Groups staying at the Marich Pass Study Centre are accommodated on full board terms with a simple cooked breakfast, lunch (a picnic lunch is provided if a group are away from the Centre at this time), and a cooked evening meal. Safe, clean drinking water, coffee and tea are provided, and in addition soft drinks and beer can be purchased from the kitchen. All bedding in the form of sheets and blankets is also provided. Groups who wish to make an overnight trek from the Centre are strongly advised to take along their own sleeping bags as these cannot be provided locally. Hurricane lamps are provided by the Centre, and electric lighting is used for evening group activities (lights are switched on for 3 hours at night, from 7pm to 10pm). Video and lap-top computers can be recharged. The Centre's freezer can be used for storage of medicines.

Guests at the Centre are responsible for providing the following items themselves:

1) All items of a personal nature and toiletries, including soap and towels.

2) Suitable casual clothing. Informality is the key and guests are strongly recommended to bring some long sleeved and long legged items for use in the early morning and particularly in the evening when the mosquitoes are at their busiest. At least one pair of robust walking shoes is essential.

3) Sunglasses, sun block and a hat are essential, as a guard against the intense sunlight.

4) Any specialist geographical or surveying equipment. The Centre does keep a supply of local documents and maps and on occasions, equipment can be borrowed from a local school, but groups should assume that any other materials should be brought from the UK.

5) Antimalaria prophylactics and protection against insects in the form of a proprietary repellent. Mosquito nets are provided but again guests are strongly advised to have undertaken a course of anti-malaria tablets prior to the visit.

6) A simple first aid kit. The Centre does also keep a basic kit of plasters, bandages, and simple medication but for peace of mind, groups are advised to take along a sterile pack, again easily purchased from a chemist.

7) A good torch, one per person and ideally at least one per banda with a fluorescent tube facility. These can be purchased quite cheaply. Hurricane lamps are provided by the Centre.

8) Cameras and a good supply of films. It is NOT possible to buy additional supplies anywhere in the region.

9) Not essential but highly recommended would be a penknife, a pack of cards, travel games, etc, etc. for the evenings after sunset.